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The LeX-FiLES are Finally Released!

After 3 long, adventurous years, full of Progress, Anxiety, Existential Self Discovery and Testament.. the world now has access to the LeX-FiLES.
What the hell are the LeX-FiLES?

The LeX-Files is my first Album or what i like to call "Secret Files" from Planet Puff.
or perhaps i could describe it as an archive of Electronic Hip-Hop music that was considered a global intelligence threat.  

It is melodic Anger and Honesty filled with love and colorful light from the skies of other dimensions. Inspired by Electronic Music, Hip-hop, Pop Melodies, Space, Sci-Fi, Anime, and the search for the Truth that's out there. The truth about our society, and our universe.

Calling people out, and speaking about the state that our society is in and pushing my limits then, that i know i have since surpassed and exceeded.

It was a test to myself which is now a fun album for you all to escape to.

One you can listen to and feel good about yourself. A strong dose of fiest that the world is lacking these days. 

I don't just consider myself a Rapper, I consider myself an Artist.

Perhaps i'm being melodramatic and goofy...

While recording this, I traveled many places to record this album, slept in strange places, and made a home out of them. I met many characters along the way and experienced many stories that went into this.  I took myself out of my comfort zone and made wherever i was a comfort zone.

My anxiety was one high at times... and i think it was a Lesson to myself, that the anxiety didn't need to be there, i got this. It was unnecessary luggage i carried on these trips. Because i guess i feared if i enjoyed myself too much, i would slack on something. To be honest, i live most of my days like this, and then end up slacking off sometimes because i'm exhausted.

I wrote this album while trying to find a new version of myself, while trying to rekindle the old confidence i had. Turns out, i never found the old confidence i had. It was naive confidence that i grew out of. I found knowledge, and am humbled now.   

So what are the LeX-FiLES?

It is uncovering the Truth about People, Society & the Universe while uncovering the truths about myself as well. The search for extraterrestrial beings, and scientific, human progress.