About Lexa Terrestrial – Electric Dollhouse

About Lexa Terrestrial

Lexa Terrestrial is an alien rapper, singer & producer from Pittsburgh & NYC.
Designer & mogul for her brand - "Electric Dollhouse" - Futuristic/Japanese style attire & accessories. (You're on the site so you already know that) 
She even makes custom Light up Bows & Bras & headpieces for films & special clients. After getting a neurological breathing condition due to medical malpractice, she began wearing face masks. In 2019 she decided to make & sell some of her own. When the Covid pandemic hit, Lexa got 500 masks to people.
“EMPTY LIFE SYNDROME” - her latest album, dives into the story about her disease.

Her music videos are always abstract & eccentric, sometimes strange, sometimes funny. At age 20, her first track “Ronald Reagan” blew up on Worldstar Hip-Hop & YouTube with her full-fledged audio-visual Hip-Hop experience.  The video was taken down for being too strange, and became an unforgettable cult classic. She went on to release many more songs & collaborations. 

Her first project "LeX-FiLES" mixed Pop & Hip-Hop w/ EDM & indie / dreampop / soundscapes.
Exec-Produced by Tekneek ( Riff Raff, Wiz Khalifa) & Billy Kahn ( Britney Spears )
TAZER” featuring Jarren Benton lit a spark in the indie scene.

Her second album “Chase Dreams Not Boys” was an amalgamation of Vaporwave & hard hitting Hip-Hop. The first single off of "Chase Dreams Not Boys" was  "fvcck love" which was a trip into the mind of heartbreak & fuckboi culture & behavior.
It racked in over 300,000 plays & views.

Other memorable tracks: “BuLL$HiT” featuring Miikey Muun the Alien (another emo alien grunge rapper) with heavy, spine tingling bass & rapid fire bars from Lexa.
Ditch em’” was produced by Chris Barnett who produced Kanye & Lil Pump’s

I Love It”. And features Paperboy Prince of the Suburbs (another eccentric & iconic rap artist from New York).

Lexa Terrestrial has performed with some heavy hitters like Hopsin, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Rittz, Logic & Jarren Benton. Lexa is also a fan fav at Anime Conventions, Art Basel & SXSW. Lexa Terrestrial was featured in XXL Freshman Issue (2016). That year she performed at SXSW for Hot New Hip-Hops mansion party exhibition. And won 1st place in Hip-Hop Contests in NYC & Miami with Coast 2 Coast.


Her interests include: 

Science, Music, Philosophy, Fashion, Art, Comics, Anime, Psychology, Politics, Producing, Writing

Her fans consist of hardcore Hip-Hop Fans all the way to Sci-Fi / Pop Culture Nerds.  

Lexa Terrestrial has created an alternate planet. As well as a family called ALIEN GANG, that consist of the most compassionate & smart fans, friends & humanoids.

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