About Lexa Terrestrial

Formerly known as Melody Joy. Lexa Terrestrial is the being behind the full-fledged audio-visual Hip-Hop experience & brand. She's hard to put inside of a box. Her vision is loud. Her fan are intelligent and worldly. And her style is eccentric. She makes & creates to sell something extremely cutting edge and unique for as cheaply as possible. To allow people to innovate and stand out for themselves. 
Her interests include: 
Sci-Fi, Horror, Fashion, Branding, Art, Comic Books, Anime, Science, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Politics, Producing, Writing,

Stand up Comedy, Authenticity. 
Her new album LeX-FiLES mixes Pop, EDM & indie / industrial soundscapes in Hip-Hop. The album is now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes & Soundcloud.
Exec-Produced by Tekneek ( Riff Raff, Taylor Gang, Snoop Dogg, Raven Felix ) & Billy Kahn ( Britney Spears ) & has a dope feature from Funk Volume's Jarren Benton ( Hopsin, Dizzy Wright ) 
Her Fashion Merchandise & Bows are a blend of High Fashion, Mod & Kawaii using interesting prints & concepts at retail price. 
Go support Lexa in her ventures of human and artistic progress on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.