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Hip-Hop Artist & Fashion Creative Lexa Terrestrial, Started Making Masks in 2018 after Doctor Leaves Her with Deadly Disease

Lexa Terrestrial, East coast Hip-Hop Artist & Fashion icon started making masks
in 2019. After Doctor leaves her with deadly disease. 

Sick. From her bed. Unable to work. In pain. 
Lexa felt purposeless. She decided to start designing and selling masks
as apart of this site and Fashion Line that she was building. Think; Dolls Kill - but more inclusive... alien grunge themed & more home made. 
She had all sorts of ideas for masks - black latex, spiked, sequined, metallic, ect.
And eventually started working with other mask creators and manufacturers, learning a lot about the creation process & science behind protective, fashion-able PPE. Lexa wore masks for many reasons. Not just as an awesome new trend often seen in Asian lolita street culture but as a It helped reduce the insufferable. Symptoms.  In 2018, akin to the iconic bow, a mask was now seen as part of her look.  It was not a choice, but merely something she had to make fashionable in order to get by. While performing, Lexa had to wear various devices under the mask to help her perform and breathe. In a sense like Kane from WWE, or Jason Vorhees, the mask aided in covering up scars from a dark past

After what should have been a routine surgery, with what Lexa thought was a "specialist", she was left with severe symptoms, in which her Doctor (who resides in the Virgnia & DC Maryland area) called crazy, ridiculous and tried to cover up. 
Her doctor who she thought she could trust, even at one point referred to her as "SLUTTY"! 
The doctor ended up botching her surgery, and then tried to get away with it by covering it up. And greedily in a hurry to continue doing business, gave her no aftercare. She continued to suffer and blame herself. Her doctor told her "Stay off the internet" but eventually she figured out what she was going through. Found a specialist who treated it, and had to get expensive treatments from another doctor. She spent over a year trying to get better. Many people with ENS wear face masks, and perhaps one of the most iconic figures to wear face masks was Michael Jackson, whom it's believed suffered with the same disease secretly. It's believed because of this disease, Michael could not sleep and that potentially could be the reason he got hooked on propofol. Regardless, Lexa has been trying to advocate for justice for these patients whose lives are changed. shattered and many lost. 

Lexa Custom Masks

Fashion is the ability to speak & express without actually having to speak. 
Lexa has always been an avid fashion risk taker known for her artistic, conceptual designs and unique visuals. 
"You put more time into an outfit than most people do their entire lives" 
- Brian (Sikes) Howe - Start the Beat Podcast

Lexa, at one point coined the Lady Gaga of Hip-Hop, officially began designing right after High school with unique, out of the box patterns and concepts. 
She met another designer, Faith (FnK) from Pittsburgh & New York and the two would put together and create outfits for Lexa's shows which created a buzz. 
Mixing fantasy into reality. 
Things like; neon plastic skirts made of candy & cable ties, outfits out of trash bags and candy, KFC chicken bucket hats, lingerie made out of popcorn, dresses made out of Legos! And outfits decorated entirely in flowers. Mixing bright, neon pops of color with a dark, apocalyptic grunge aesthetic. 
Faith & Lexa were also able to make rich, red carpet looks for super cheap and sustainably sourced, proving that you can look absolutely upscale for nearly free. 

photo by @pittbuck at Color Park Pittsburgh - I Can't Breathe graffiti Art

She started with unique fabric bow-ties and hair-bows which were larger than life and not found many places. With the help of her other talented graphic design friends & manufacturers, made unique graphic tees for her fans. The fashion she started selling was a more normalized version of the bold, exaggerated pieces.
All with the same Tokyo grunge, light-up, neon, POP aesthetic. 

Once the Covid 19 pandemic hit, Lexa's website blew up and she found she had a purpose amongst the chaotic ether. She sold and gave over 300 masks from March-May 2020 and have been selling and donating masks since. Finally she was not the only one in the room wearing a mask, everywhere she looked, every single face, there were masks. It felt surreal at times as if i woke up in a parallel dimension. Many of her friends joked, stating "Did you cause this?" or "Hey you started the mask trend way before!" 

With her ability to see year into the future of fashion and music, hopefully Lexa Terrestrial lives on to continue bold trends that inspire those around her.