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Lexa Terrestrial's Album "EMPTY LIFE SYNDROME"

Lexa Terrestrial's 6th Album "EMPTY LIFE SYNDROME" will be available for 
Pre-Order on 10/12. 

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Lexa Terrestrial's "ELS" is a blend of upbeat neon bass & dark glittery pain. Mixing grunge, trap & R&B, it sounds a little like a female Lil Peep w/ fast technical rap's comparative to Joyner Lucas or Hopsin. For a little sick girl it has powerfully angry deliveries. Lexa Terrestrial even raps in Japanese on a track. 
HOWEVER, this is a story. And a story that so many go through. A story of pain, adaptation, mourning, the death of the self & hopeful rebirth. When diagnosed with ENS (which will be changed to something more medically accurate) 2 years ago, after what should have been a simple surgery, she found herself struggling for air. On the road, on tour, there was a feeling of intense anxiety and indifference that couldn't be explained. She remained strong and performed even though it was difficult to breathe let alone speak. But despite this disease, this may be her best work yet. 
After wrecking her car several times while blacking out behind the wheel, Lexa began looking into what was happening. She had many medical tests, doctors visits and hospital stays.
Unable to sleep for days, Lexa used that time to research in attempt to solve the problem and kept coming back to the same articles. These articles talked about ENS & tragic stories of death. A whole group of people, victims of medical malpractice & negligence were in a group, their story was her story. They all felt identical in their sadness & symptoms. 

For awhile she felt as if her life fell apart and it was hard to do even the littlest things that used to be so easy. 

Left confused after her doctor who lied, covering up what she suspected could be going on, she went to see another doctor & scientist who specializes in this rare disease. Each month she took one step forward, towards trying to adapt & remain as much of herself as possible. 

Feeling & fearing as if she lost everything, she began to train and use her best attempts to get back to the girl she once wanted to change so badly. 
Struggling to feel like her old self while recording, Lexa did anything to make it happen, sometimes wearing devices in her nose - which is where the masks came in to play. Lexa became notorious for not only wearing a bow, but now a mask. Everyone thought it was another new wild aesthetic. 
Lexa began creating masks - face masks, in 2019, which opened up a window of possibilities. By 2020, a Mask Mandate due to the Covid-19 Pandemic kept Lexa's business busy, reaching out to other manufacturers, finding new materials, collaboration designs & PPE. Suddenly, Lexa wasn't the only one in the room with a mask. 

Based on all of the medical research and studies she assimilated, she began sharing helpful & hopeful healing tips, and rehabilitating using scientific methods of experimentation & futuristic medicine. 

As an alien, she fights for compassion, justice and progress!
Download the album & help be apart of change for the better. 

Lexa Terrestrial aims to solve problems & do the best, she can. With little to work with, still giving this album %110. From the lines, phrasing, every note & detail, the EQing, the layers, the titles, the art & the music videos. 
Several different producers contributed to this album. 
Audio Engineering for this album was done by Lexa Terrestrial,  BWilks (Brian Wilkinson, Roscoe WIki (The Rap Cave) & Ian Patrick Hill (What Iph Studios)