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Lexa Terrestrial's "LL&" Possibly the Best new Female Hip-Hop/Rap Release of the Year


a hidden gem that more people hopefully will catch on to.

Lexa Terrestrial is a hidden gem that's been an aura in the Hip-Hop scene. Like an entity in a mask, floating trough the city starting trends without realizing it until it's happened. That's the true mark of an innovator. And a brand that surpasses the power of social media. Leave it to an alien... to bring the Local to the Galaxies and back. Pgh City Paper. 22'

"sexy, high energy Trap banger by Lexa Terrestrial & Blvck Monsta dropped last week and is one of the best deliveries from a female rapper lately.  (Female MC's) 

Many fans proclaiming it's an ideal song to work out to. And we kind of agree." (24 Hip-Hop)

Hoping to see this track get its fair share of radio time and Playlist love.

Not to mention TikTok Virality.

"If you like Ice Spice, Glorilla, Coi Leray, Lotto, ect. ect. you'll like this track! Although Lexa Terrestrial is a vastly different artist. Highly original, dynamic. And as they say "slept on?" (RapStarz) 

However her dark, emo rap undertones are similar to Tech N9ne, $uicideBoy$, Hopsin, Ghostmane & Scarlxrd, with the whisper screams layering in the chorus.

its a Hip-Hop Anthem with heavy lyrics and BASS and some really fast raps.
The 2nd Verse especially!!



Link to Share: bit.ly/lexallp

Definitely check this one out and give it the love it deserves. 
Sharing is Free!!! And helps independent artists not only pay rent, but thrive in their craft. 

Upcoming Lexa Terrestrial
5/19/2023 @ Mr. Smalls for Millvale Music Festival 
6/1/2023 - Charity Event TBA
6/4/2023 - Whitney Peyton & Lexa Terrestrial @ Crafthouse w/ Special Guests

Also catch Lexa Terrestrial on Tour for the Summer on MARS Tour!