NEW Music Video "CANDY BARS" 🍫🔥🎉 – Electric Dollhouse

NEW Music Video "CANDY BARS" 🍫🔥🎉

Lexa Terrestrial releases her latest single and music video “CANDY BARS”. BACK with more Sad Girl Raps, only 10 x harder. 🏆

This track draws influence from some of Hip Hop’s greats and has a similarity to that of Tech N9ne, OmenXIII, KILLSTATION & Pouya. "The punchy lines and incandescent delivery create a new age sound with a nostalgic vibe."

The Music Video is a comparable to a neon psychedelic horror movie.

The song is synonymous with the pain that Lexa has endured during her career, suffering a breathing condition that can make performing sometimes feel like the ultimate task. Lexa takes comfort in her fans, she has connected with so many people on a worldwide scale that continue to support her and push her forward. 

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Lexa Terrestrial is BACK with more sad girl raps, only 10 times harder & in your face