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my FIRST Live Stream!

  Just wanted to say arigato & share this. over 100 people in my first LiVE STREAM! ayyyye! on both iG & Facebooki've been up for awhile, 30 hours to be exact. slap happy. and talking about random stuff. But i'm truly in my element & i'm glad i got to be my goofy self, play you new music & let you know what all i've been doing.***I burped so loud the connection got lost towards the end. *** [:xBut you guys are a fun time. you give a fuck. and you GET iT! I'm so happy to have such intelligent, gorgeous humanoid frans. <3----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------#hiphop #femalerapper #live #veganism #diet #lifestyle #aliens #funny #girl #ghostfacekillah #vape #ps4 #ninetendo #vaporwave #nerd #facebook #instagram #livestream #pittsburgh #synthwave#indie...

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DATiNG WiSDOM (From the Future)

a time that should be exciting, but instead, many girls (guys too) are anxious, and... oh so serious. The one thing i decided not worry too much about is Dating. And it turns out it really makes things 1,000 x better. As a person that suffers and has suffered with anxiety & depression, I chose to leave my anxiety for other things, other more productive things, things i have control over. And yes i have control over dating & my atmosphere. But i chose to live in the moment, and not think about the future. Not feel forced to be attached to anything or anyone. It’s because when i meet someone, i have no hope & no fear. I have...

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